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We know how important quality is to you

in case you hadn't noticed, it's pretty high up there for us, too

We totally get it. It can be overwhelming to find quality wood furniture that you love, and will actually look good in your house. You’ve done SO much research - there's so many options out there. You are searching for value and still aren't able to make a choice.

That’s where we come in to guide you! Maybe you've been trying to fit into the big box store style and now it’s time to get out of the box! Together we’ll take your creativity and vision and turn it into an incredible and unique piece! 

At Rustic Fence Design nothing is off limits! We have made it possible for you to create that custom, one-of-a-kind statement piece for your home that fits your style, your design, and your budget.

Start exploring the beauty of authentic faux wood beams! We offer floating shelves that are built custom to your size, wood type, and finish color. Our shelves include the bracket and are  prepped for installation so you can feel confident mounting them to your wall even if you don't have great DIY skills.


 custom floating shelves  & mantelpieces

Your choices of hardwood ranges from ash, to maple, oak, and birch. Estimate can be provided upon request. Ash is a favorite at Rustic Fence Design. It is a beautiful hardwood with a unique grain and has a very high density. It is able to observe shocks of everyday use - which we love!



Each pine board is hand selected and inspected. Natural wood flaws are to be expect in pine and we love to embrace all of the wood’s natural characteristics and flaws. Pricing reflected above is for a standard  60’’x36’’x30’’.

Rustic Wood

Knotty wood

Prices ranging from $1050-1,590
Prices ranging from $1,890-$3,900

We have a gallery to inspire you - scroll down! Everything we create is unique and we’re not afraid to try something new. Your table will be  tailored to your specific needs and aesthetic! 

step one: Choose Your Table Shape

our process

how it works

At Rustic Fence Design , we specialize in furniture made in Canada by Canadians. At a time when so many products are made a world away, our focus remains right here, working with local builders and craftsman.

Step two: Select Your Wood Species

We have a stain selection you can choose from-customization is the name of the game! We let our clients lead and are here to make your vision happen. 

Step Three: Select Your Stain or Paint & size


Rustic Wood


Home decor & Floating Shelves

Need a designer?

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Calgary based interior designer Laura Fendley believes in functional, affordable and sustainable design. She stands for quality and durability, and is often inspired by natural elements, which are a few of the reasons we're drawn to her work. 

She values getting to know her clients, working fluidly with them and supporting them in achieving a customized space, reflective of their lifestyle and experiences!