about Us

Meet the family behind the business

From family dinners to special occasions, we raise our family at our dining tables. Close friends, both new and old, gather around to enjoy life's defining moments. Children finish their school work atop while toddlers scrape their knees below. Here we sip coffee while counting our blessings and drinking tea with princesses.

It is possible to have exactly what you're looking for! You don’t have to buy lifeless pieces of furniture that aren't the right size or color to match your space.

You could be working with a local Alberta, professionial, family based business. We would love to share our passion of home decor and woodworking with you! Our solid wood furniture is made to last and be enjoyed by your family for many years to come.

The table is a meeting place, a gathering ground, the source of nourishment, community, festivity, and safety.

how it started

A little history on how Rustic Fence Design got its start : Jonathan was a lead carpenter and journeyman who excelled professionally as a superintendent for well established companies for years. Jonathan worked hard,long hours away from home, battling the environment and climate. He needed a new start that involved him being closer to home , and closer to his family.

Sabrina, who’s the heart and soul of our customer service, also needed a change. One that didn't spread her so thinly between the important areas of her life. For years Sabrina sold handmade furniture online. Using her social networking skills, she established a fast knowledge in client management.
So we sat down with our thoughts and reassessed our skills and knowledge. With so much time working with wood and great people we knew we could continue doing what we love, but so much closer to home. Rustic Fence Designs was born with the heart of home.

This year we were very priviledged to collaborate with the Town of Cochrane Fire to create a very exciting project - it was the highlight of our year! They asked for a solid hardwood table and finish that will withstand being in service 24 hours a day. It was not just a table, but a way to show appreciation and admiration to our fire heroes.